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eiConsole Advanced – Transformation / Databases

eiConsole v.13.17R1

SQLXML User’s Guide

SQLXML, SQL in XML, is a database-generic approach to expressing SQL statements. The structures are as follows: the SQLXML Select, the SQLXML Insert, the SQLXML Update, the SQLXML Delete, the SQLXML InsertOrUpdate, the SQLXML Iterate, the SQLXML IF, the SQLXML Execute, the SQLXML CallProc, and the SQLXML XMLOut. We will go through these in respective order, and once we are finished, we’ll see how they fit together. We are utilizing “live code” examples from query.xml where possible, but most of these structures aren’t utilized. Note that we will not be covering in this document three other operations which have generally limited applicability: the SQLXML While, the SQLXML Exception, and the SQLXML Assign.


The default tag structure looks like this:

<sql:SQLXML xmlns:sql="http://pilotfish.sqlxml">
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