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AWS S3 Transport

The AWS S3 Transport is used to upload files to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). To configure the AWS S3 Transport, select the AWS S3  from the Transport Type drop-down menu.

On the Basic configuration tab, specify the Amazon S3 bucket. This is a container where Amazon S3 stores data. The Bucket Name configuration item is used to configure the unique name of the bucket you need to access. The Key Name item is used to enter the name that you assign to an object. You will use the object key to retrieve the object. You may choose to create a new file for each invocation of this Transport, Append it to the existing file, or Overwrite the existing file.

On the Credentials tab, you can set the necessary credentials for the connection.

Region: Specify the AWS Region to connect to.

Use Credentials from: Specifies method of getting the credentials. Note: choosing the ‘No Credentials’ option will only allow access to public buckets.

Access Key Id: Access Key Id for making calls to Amazon services.

Secret Key: Secret access key for making calls to Amazon services.

Session Token: The STS session token for making calls to Amazon services. If not using STS, leave blank.

AWS File Path: Specifies the file path where the AWS profile configuration file is located.

Profile Name: Specifies the name of a local configuration profile.

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