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eiConsole for ACORD PCS – Getting Started Tutorial

If you installed the eiConsole after 5/19/13 and have completed the Quick Start Tutorial, please proceed to the ACORD PCS Tutorial by following the link below.

If you installed the eiConsole prior to this date, click eiConsole Update to download and install the latest slipstream release. Then, download the ACORD PCS .eipb Bundle for the sample files you’ll need to do the tutorials. Click here for information on Importing an .eipb Bundle. After that, you’ll be ready to start the tutorials.

New users should complete the eiConsole Quick Start Tutorial to learn eiConsole basics before beginning the PCS tutorial or using the other reference materials. (The Quick Start Tutorial can be completed in 15-20 minutes.)

During the course of the ACORD PCS tutorial, you’ll build an ACORD interface. This interface will simulate the receipt of proprietary information from an Agency Management system, through a Listener, that will then be translated into a set of ACORD policy inquiry requests. You’ll then take those transformed messages and drop them in a directory. After you have completed the tutorial, browse through the other demos under the Insurance Menu and the Advanced Topics in general Level II-IV section.

ACORD PCS Getting Started Tutorial
ACORD PCS Getting Started Tutorial

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