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Kafka Transport

The Kafka Transport sends data to a Kafka server.

Kafka Server Configuration options for receiving data.

On the Basic tab, you can specify:

Server URLs: the URLs of the Kafka servers to consume from. Corresponds to configuration ‘bootstrap.server’.

Topic Name: the topic to publish to.

Acknowledgement Method: the desired acknowledgment method. Corresponds to option ‘acks’.

Number of Retries: the number of times to retry on publish error. Corresponds to option ‘retries’.

Kafka Server Advanced Configuration options for receiving data.

On the Advanced tab, you can specify:

Record Buffer Size: the total bytes of memory the producer will use to buffer records waiting to be sent. Corresponds to option ‘buffer.memory’

Compression Type: the compression to apply if desired. Corresponds to ‘compression.type’ option

Additional Configurations: any additional configurations can be entered here in key / value Format.

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