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The Listener component “listens” for information available from the Source system. A comprehensive list of Listeners is supported including: Database SQL, Directory, Document Style Web Service, Email (POP3), FTP, FTP Over SSL (Implicit and Explicit), HTTP Form/Post, HTTP Post, JMS, MSMQ, Programmable, RMI, SOAP Web Service, and WebSphere MQ. Custom Listeners may also be added through the use of the XCS eiPlatform Extension Interface.

After a Listener has received a transaction, but before it is passed to the next stage, the transaction can be passed to a sequence of Processors. A Processor is a modular component that is capable of performing various operations such as: Decryption, Decompression, EBCDIC/ASCII conversion, MIME Multi-part Processing, SOAP Unwrap, Validation, and many, many more.

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