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Managing Routes

The eiDashboard can make changes to routes in the eiPlatform without requiring a restart. This page covers the ability to hot deploy route changes.

Log into the eiDashboard

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Log into the eiDashboard using the username and password set in the eipSettings.conf file.

The main Dashboard page is displayed. This page has four panels:

  1. The Interfaces panel shows a tree view of the interfaces, routes, and stages in the eiPlatform.
  2. The Details panel shows detailed information on the component selected in the Interfaces panel.
  3. The Performance panel shows charts of high level performance statistics.
  4. The Active HTTP Listeners panel shows the running HTTP listeners.

Select a Route

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 2.58.25 PMIn the Interfaces panel, navigate to a route and click on the route to select it.
The Details panel updates to show information about the selected route. From this panel, the route can be enabled/disabled, transaction logging can be turned on/off, and the configuration can be edited.

Disable the Route

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 3.44.58 PMIn the Details panel, click on the switch next to Enabled to change it from YES to NO. The color of the route in the Interfaces panel changes to red to show that the route is not running.

Note: Routes will also be red if they have configuration errors. For example if a required setting in a listener has not been set.

Importing Components

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 9.57.37 AM

Importing routes, interfaces, and formats can be accomplished on this page. To import a component, perform the following steps:

1. Select an interface in the Interfaces panel. The interface selected on this panel is where the component will be imported to.
2. Click on the Actions button and select Import.
3. Upload an eipb file that has been previously exported either from the eiConsole or from the eiDashboard.

Imported components are immediately deployed and available in the eiPlatform.

Note: Deployed routes are initally disabled and can be enabled by selecting the route in the Interfaces panel and clicking on the switch next to Enabled to change it from NO to YES.

Editing a Route

tutorial_03_screenshot_05Routes can be edited in place on the eiPlatform. For exmaple, the following steps are used to change the polling interval of a directory listener:

1. Select a route in the Interfaces panel.
2. The Details panel will be updated to show details on the selected route. Scroll to the botton of that panel and click on the Edit Configuration button.
3. The route stages are displayed. Click on the Directory Listener under the Source Systems column.
4. The module properties are displayed. Select the PollingInterval record and click on the blue pencil icon to edit the record.
5. Enter a new value for the polling interval and click the Submit button.

Note: Changes made this way take effect immediately. If multiple changes need to be made to the same route, then you should disable the route while making the changes.

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