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Custom Curriculum for Optum

eiConsole for Healthcare Training Program

The following curriculum has been created for Optum. By following the tutorials and documentation in the order presented the eiConsole users will achieve a solid foundation that can be leveraged to build and manage Optum Interfaces. After downloading the eiConsole for Healthcare new users should begin with the General Quick Start Tutorial and the General Level I Tutorials (Modules 1-12) and then move on to the more advanced topics, or the industry specific tutorials and documentation.

The average time to complete each tutorial or to review the demo and documentation is provided for your convenience.

Note, if you’d like to leverage the capabilities of the Data Mapper you should also have a basic understanding of XSLT. Take the quick course: Learn XSLT.

eiConsole – General Basics

eiConsole – General Level I Tutorials

(Total to complete all 12 modules 15 minutes)

 eiConsole for Healthcare (Industry-Specific Training)

eiConsole Interface Topology – Level II

eiConsole Transformation / Data Mapping – Level II-IV

eiConsole Transformation / File Specification – Level II-III

eiConsole Transformation Databases – Level III

eiConsole Testing – Level III

eiConsole Online Help


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