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Transaction Event Listener

The Transaction Event Listener activates on desired transaction events.

  1. On the Event configuration tab, you can specify event type to listen –

Transaction Begin (TRANSACT_BEGIN event type), Transaction End (TRANSACT_END), Stage Begin (STAGE_BEGIN), Stage End (STAGE_END), Stage Error (STAGE_ERROR), Transaction Fork (TRANSACTION_FORK), Transaction Join (TRANSACTION_JOIN), Transaction Lost (TRANSACTION_LOST)

2. On the Stage tab, you can specify one or several Stages of the assembly line where the Listener fires: Listener, Processor, XSLT, Transformation, Joining, Routing, Forking, Transport, Infrastructure.

3. On the Data tab, you can specify if you want to copy logged transaction event attributes to local attribute and the name of the local attribute (which should contain a snapshot of event attributes).

4. On the Queue tab, you can specify a maximum number of events to be in the queue (in memory) at one time and time between queue bounds log messages.

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