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Transaction Event Listener

The Transaction Event Listener activates on desired transaction events.

  1. On the Event configuration tab, you can specify event type to listen –

Transaction Begin (TRANSACT_BEGIN event type), Transaction End (TRANSACT_END), Stage Begin (STAGE_BEGIN), Stage End (STAGE_END), Stage Error (STAGE_ERROR), Transaction Fork (TRANSACTION_FORK), Transaction Join (TRANSACTION_JOIN), Transaction Lost (TRANSACTION_LOST)

2. On the Stage tab, you can specify one or several Stages of the assembly line where the Listener fires: Listener, Processor, XSLT, Transformation, Joining, Routing, Forking, Transport, Infrastructure.

3. On the Data tab, you can specify if you want to copy logged transaction event attributes to local attribute and the name of the local attribute (which should contain snapshot of event attributes).

4. On the Queue tab, you can specify a maximum number of events to be in queue (in memory) at one time and time between queue bounds log messages.

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