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HTTP Post for DTCC Transport

The HTTP Post for DTCC Transport sends data to a DTCC remote server/URL via an HTTP POST request.

On the Basic tab, the user can configure the Target URL (the URL to be posted to).

On the Credentials tab, the user can set the User Name, Authentication Host/Port and Password for the connection.

The Advanced tab allows the user to set the:

Response Listener – the programmatically-invoked listener to be invoked upon response

Form Element – the XML element name to form an HTML message

HTTP Headers – the HTTP headers to be used

The Proxy tab allows the user to configure the proxy, if necessary.

The Proxy Host and Proxy Port specify which host and port to use for the proxy.

The Proxy Authentication Username and Password specify the username and password for proxy authentication.

The Certificate tab allows the user to configure the:

Key File – the file path for the certificate file

Key Type – the Format of the certificate file

Key Password – the certificate password

TrustStore – the file path for a certificate store

TrueStore Password – the password for the certificate store

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