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Connecting to the License Server

The eiConsole needs to connect to the PilotFish license server to confirm that you have a valid license.  There may be difficulty connecting to the license server in network environments that require a proxy or that have strict outgoing firewall rules.  The following suggestions may resolve those issues.

  1. In the eiConsole License Management dialog, change the “Use secure connection” option.  Try restarting the eiConsole after checking this option and again after unchecking this option.
  2. If your network is configured to use a proxy, enter those proxy settings by clicking on the “Configure Proxy” button in the eiConsole License Management dialog.  Contact your company’s network team for the correct proxy settings.
  3. Using your browser, verify that you can connect to the service that the eiConsole License Management component is connecting to:

    You should see the following page for both URLs:

  4. Contact your company’s network team and ask them if they know of any reason why an application would not be able to connect to these URLs: and .

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