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See what is possible with PilotFish. Step through our integration solutions by reviewing our comprehensive documentation. This resource is meticulously designed to guide users through the intricacies of the PilotFish technology stack, covering everything from installation and updates of the eiConsole to industry-specific adaptations.

With detailed instructions on adapters, data mapping, and system configuration, this documentation is an invaluable tool for new and experienced users aiming to streamline their integration projects. Perfect for those seeking to leverage PilotFish’s powerful capabilities to the fullest, it provides a solid foundation for achieving seamless connectivity across diverse systems.

Release Notes: 24R1, 23R1, 22R1, 21R1, etc.

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eiConsole – Installation & Updating

eiConsole – Adapters, Topology & Advanced Topics

Components Overview

eiConsole – Data Mapping Transformation

eiConsole – Healthcare (HL7 & EDI) Topics

Industry-Specific Resources

eiPlatform Installation & Use

eiDashboard – Installation & Use

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