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eiConsole Tutorials (v. 22R1 and 23R1)

Release Notes: 18R1, 18R2, 19R1, 20R1, 21R1, 22R1, 23R1

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For the best results, users should upgrade to the latest eiConsole release. For the most effective learning experience follow the tutorials in the order presented. Start with eiConsole Basics, then the Foundation tutorials and continue with industry-specific tutorials as needed. (To leverage the eiConsole’s Data Mapper, users should understand XSLT, or take the quick course, Learn XSLT.)

eiConsole – Basics

Foundation Tutorials

      1. Creating a Working Directory
      2. Creating a New Interface
      3. Adding Source Icon and Name
      4. Configuring a Listener
      5. Source Transformation – Introduction
      6. Source Transformation – File Specification Editor
      7. Source Transformation – Data Mapping
      8. Routing and Transaction Monitoring
      9. Target Transformation – Introduction
      10. Configuring a Transport
      11. Adding Target Icon and Name
      12. Testing Using the Inline Test Mode
      13. Testing Using the eiPlatform Emulator

eiConsole – Industry-Specific Tutorials

eiConsole – Topology

eiConsole – Data Mapping & Transformation

eiConsole – Advanced Topics

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