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PilotFish Enterprise Integration Products

PilotFish offers a software solutions suite for Enterprise Integration and services that solve interoperability challenges in the Healthcare, Insurance, Travel, and Financial industries. Our integration solutions enable interoperability between modern and legacy systems, supporting all platforms, operating systems, and using any communication protocol.

PilotFish provides flexible products that support industry standards and can quickly adopt new standards and support new technologies. Our solutions are highly extensible and easy to use, allowing teams to learn and implement solutions quickly. PilotFish’s exclusive Graphical Assembly Line process and collaboration tools promote teamwork and efficient Interface configuration. Automation dramatically reduces integration time. PilotFish’s product excellence and customer service have earned it a 5-star rating on Gartner’s Capterra.

PilotFish Enterprise Integration Suite

PilotFish Enterprise Integration Suite

eiPlatform Integration/Interface Engine

PilotFish’s eiPlatform is a robust integration solution and Java framework that supports any operating system and all popular databases, application servers, and platforms. It offers built-in support for cloud computing services and automates deployment through Docker containerization. The eiPlatform is highly scalable and works seamlessly with the eiConsole and Integrated Development Environment for configuring, managing and maintaining interfaces. The eiPlatform provides secure, high-performance deployment for interfaces. It provides unlimited scalability, reduces costs, facilitates faster development times, and offers infinite flexibility for healthcare integration.

eiConsole (IDE)

An Integration/Interface Engine IDE: The eiConsole empowers users to configure interfaces and perform data mapping without coding or scripting. Its Graphical Interface Assembly Line process allows drag & drop mapping for business analysts and supports XSLT for developers. Extensions can be created using Java or .Net. The eiConsole enables collaboration between business analysts and developers, accelerating interface configuration and maintenance. It eliminates the need for manual coding and maximizes IT resource utilization.

eiDashboard – Interface Monitoring & Reporting

The eiDashboard is a web-based application that provides operational monitoring, interface reporting, and management capabilities. It offers dynamic reporting with visual report generation and real-time changes. When used in conjunction with the eiPlatform and eiConsole, users gain real-time operational reporting with a management dashboard to monitor interface and transaction health. The eiDashboard enhances visibility and facilitates effective interface management.

eiTestBed – Self-Service Onboarding

PilotFish eiTestBed for Information Exchange & Customer Onboarding

The eiTestBed is an online self-service portal designed to streamline the onboarding process for exchange trading partners. It offers comprehensive resources, including step-by-step instructions with sample files for establishing and maintaining healthcare information exchange. The eiTestBed includes an automated testing facility that allows thorough message validation and enables smooth data exchange. It simplifies onboarding new customers, saving organizations time and effort in the process.

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