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Editing Environment Properties in the eiConsole

Environment properties should be used in the eiConsole for any setting that may change from one environment to another. For example, when promoting an Interface from a test server to a production server.

The Tutorial for Environment Properties is recommended for users that are not familiar with this capability.  This page focuses on editing those environment properties.

The environment properties can be accessed in the eiConsole from two places.

  1. From the “Edit” menu on the File Management screen, or from the “Route” menu in the Route Edit screen, select “Environment Properties…”.  When opened this way, the Environment Properties Dialog is in edit mode and properties can be changed by double-clicking on them.
  2. The Environment Properties Dialog can also be opened from any setting within a route.

    When opened this way, the dialog is in the “Select” mode.  If you wish to change the value of an environment property or add a new property, you must first click the “Edit Mode” button. Then double-click on the item to change or on the blank row to add a new property.

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