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eiPlatform for Windows Maximum Memory

The eiPlatform for Windows uses a maximum of 1 GB of memory by default.  Use the following steps to change the maximum memory setting.

    1. Navigate to the eiPlatform installation directory, usually C:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows.
    2. Open the following file in a text editor: eiPlatform Service.vmoptions
  1. The vmoptions file contains JVM options.  The default maximum memory setting is “-Xmx1024m” which indicates that the eiPlatform can use up to 102 MB of 1 GB.  Change the numeric portion of that setting to the maximum number of megabytes that the eiPlatform can use.  For example, to increase the setting to 2GB, set it to “-Xmx2048m”
  2. Restart the eiPlatform service.

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