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Using the eiPlatform REST API

The eiPlatform includes a REST API.  This API contains methods for monitoring and configuring a running eiPlatform.

Initial Setup:

The REST API is configured in two text configuration files in the eiPlatform installation directory:

eipServer.conf – If the eiPlatform was installed in the default directory, this file will be located at C:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\server\eip\eipServer.conf.


Connecting to the REST API:

To determine the REST API URL, you must first determine the URL for the eiPlatform.  For default Windows installations running on port 8443, the eiPlatform URL is http://localhost:8443/.  For eiPlatform WAR file installs, the URL is usually http://localhost:8080/eip/.  To verify the eiPlatform URL, open it in a web browser and confirm that the following page is displayed.

The eiPlatform REST API URL is the eiPlatform URL plus “/eip-rest”. So if the eiPlatform is at http://localhost:8443, then the REST API is at http://localhost:8443/eip-rest/.  If the eiPlatform is at http://localhost:8080/eip, then the REST API is at http://localhost:8080/eip/eip-rest/

RESTFul API Documentation for Installs Before Release 20R1.79:

In addition, there is API documentation included at “/eip-rest/application.html”.

RESTFul API Documentation for Installs Starting with Release 20R1.79:

Documentation is now done using swagger.  It offers more interactive and descriptive documentation than the previous application.html iteration of documentation.

This documentation can be accessed at your application resource path + “/swagger” (ex: http://localhost:8080/eip/swagger OR http://localhost:8443/swagger)

Working with the API:

The REST API can be accessed programmatically or through freely available tools like Postman.

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