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Using the eiPlatform REST API

Using the eiPlatform REST API

The eiPlatform includes a REST API.  This API contains methods for monitoring and configuring a running eiPlatform.


The REST API is configured in two text configuration files in the eiPlatform installation directory:

Connecting to the REST API

To determine the REST API URL, you must first determine the URL for the eiPlatform.  For default Windows installations running on port 8443, the eiPlatform URL is http://localhost:8443/.  For eiPlatform WAR file installs, the URL is usually http://localhost:8080/eip/.  To verify the eiPlatform URL, open it in a web browser and confirm that the following page is displayed.

The eiPlatform REST API URL is the eiPlatform URL plus “/eip-rest”.  So if the eiPlatform is at http://localhost:8443, then the REST API is at http://localhost:8443/eip-rest/.  In addition, there is API documentation included at “/eip-rest/application.html”.

The REST API can be accessed programmatically or through freely available tools like Postman.

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