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Level I is the minimum prerequisite recommended before advancing to other levels. Level IV is for the advanced eiConsole user and one who has a good understanding of XSLT. Among the topics covered here are the eiConsole’s Process Orchestration components. These components are made up of the Process Orchestration Listener and the Process Orchestration Transport. The primary use of these two components is to perform time-(in)sensitive joining. Also, here, related to Data Mapping, Using Identity Transforms and Keys for De-Duplication in Route configurations to transform between XML formats. All huge productivity boosters for eiConsole users. Many will find the new Threading Model (NTM) useful as well. It represents a new approach in dealing with transactions in the eiPlatform (runtime).

Here will find reference material for the eiPlatform for both installation and maintenance. The industry pages provide a reference for eiConsole industry-specific bundles. These bundles include the custom eiConsole tools and components that allow users to greatly increase their productivity when working with specific industry standards and formats.

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