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Route File Management

The Route File Management dialogue provides access to your project directories. In order to work on a particular project, choose the corresponding Working Directory. Select the Browse button.

Select either an existing eiPlatform Directory or create a new Working Directory.

In this case, we will create a new folder called PilotFish-Project and hit Open.

You will be prompted to initialize the directory with the needed sub-folders. Choose Yes.

You will now see a blank XCS eiConsole project. To create a new interface, choose the Add Route button.

Enter the name PilotFish-Interface and hit OK. Your interface will now appear in the main Route File grid.

To copy a route, select the route from the grid. Choose the Copy Route button at the bottom.

Under Specify Copy Name, please write PilotFish-Copy and hit OK.

To delete a route, select the route from the main grid. Choose the Delete Route button at the bottom and hit Yes.

To rename an interface, highlight the chosen interface. Select the Rename Route button at the bottom of your screen.

Enter the name PilotFish-Interface-Renamed.

To work with an interface select it and then choose the Edit Route button.

This will launch the XCS eiConsole main route grid.

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