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The General Quick Start Tutorial is recommended for all new users – followed by eiConsole Foundation Tutorials (Modules 1-13), before moving on to more advanced topics and industry specific tutorials and documentation.

The industry links (top right and below) provide custom tutorials and documentation for eiConsole industry-specific bundles. (In addition to the above tutorials, we suggest healthcare users do the eiConsole for Healthcare – Getting Started Tutorial and/or the eiConsole for Healthcare – EDI X12 Getting Started Tutorial.)

Note: eiConsole users who want to leverage the capabilities of the Data Mapper should have a basic understanding of XSLT. Take the quick course: Learn XSLT.

Please note the tutorials and documentation links on this page have been updated for 22R1. If you are using older versions, 18R2, 19R1, 20R1 or 21R1 please refer to the links below. In order to take full advantage of all the tutorials, it would be best to upgrade to 22R1.

Release Notes: 18R1, 18R2, 19R1, 20R1, 21R1, 22R1

Tutorials for Version 23R1

Previous Versions: 18R2 19R1 20R1 21R1

eiConsole – General Basics

eiConsole Tutorials (Foundation)

Healthcare Tutorial and Sample Interfaces

eiConsole Tutorials (Basic)

eiConsole Assignment 1 – Basic

Adapters – Listeners, Processors and Transports (Documentation)

eiConsole Tutorials (Intermediate)

eiConsole Assignment 2 – Intermediate

eiConsole Tutorials (Advanced)

eiConsole Assignment 3 – Advanced

eiConsole End-to-End Tutorials

Interface Design Best Practices

eiDashboard – (Operational Reporting)

eiPlatform – (Java Runtime)

eiConsole Online Help

PilotFish Interface Exchange

Industry Specific Documentation & Tutorials

 eiConsole for Healthcare & EDI X12

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