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eiPlatform Changes that Require a Restart

When the eiPlatform starts up it reads in the eiPlatform and Interface configuration files.  In general, changes made to those files while the eiPlatform is running are not picked up until after the eiPlatform is restarted.

Changes made to the XSLT file do not require a restart of the eiPlatform unless the “Cache XSLT” option is selected.  In general, we do not recommend checking this option as loading the XSLT is not usually a performance bottleneck.  Leaving the option unchecked allows for on-the-fly changes to the XSLT without restarting the eiPlatform.

Changes to eipServer.conf and eas.conf always require an eiPlatform restart.  The eiPlatform should also be restarted after changes are made to other interface files including Route.xml.  However, these changes can be reloaded on the fly using the eiDashboard or the eiPlatform REST API.  The same applies to the environment-settings.conf file where the eiPlatform should be restarted unless the settings were changed through the eiDashboard or REST API.

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