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Common REST API Operations

The eiPlatform includes a REST API.  This page includes some common operations that can be performed using the API.  It is assumed that the REST API has been configured.  The examples here assume that the URL of the eiPlatform REST API is http://localhost:8443/eip-rest/.  Update the URLs if needed to match the URL of the REST API in your eiPlatform installation.

Get a List of Environment Properties for the Root Interface

To get a list of all of the environment settings for the root Interface, issue a simple GET request to


Set or Update an Environment Property

To update an existing property or set a new property, make a PUT request to


with the message body containing the property name and value in the format:





Please note that environment property changes made this way take effect immediately (no restart of the eiPlatform required) and the change is written out to the environment-settings.conf file.  However, some listeners must be restarted before they recognize a changed environment property.

Get a List of Listeners

To get a list of all of the environment settings for the root interface, issue a simple GET request to


Restart a Listener

To restart a Listener, first, get the name of the listener.  Then issue a simple GET request.  (Replace “My Directory Listener” with the name of the listener that you want to restart.)

http://localhost:8443/eip-rest/listeners/My Directory Listener/Restart

Get a List of Routes

To get a list of all of the Routes, issue a simple GET request to


Reload a Route

Reloading a route will pick up any changes that have been made to the route.xml file and restart all of the route’s listeners.  To reload a route, first get the uri of the route using the previous REST API call.  Then issue a simple GET request. Replace the route URI with the “uri” of the route you wish to reload.

http://localhost:8443/eip-rest/components/Reload?URI=ROOT/Simple Route&type=route

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