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This article describes how to use VisualVM to connect to a running instance of the eiPlatform in order to monitor its runtime CPU, heap, classes, and threads for profiling purposes.


Configure eiPlatform

Locate the “eiPlatform Service.vmoptions” file in the eiPlatform install directory and add the following lines:

Start the eiPlatform service, or if it is already running restart to pickup the configuration changes.

Install and Configure VisualVM

Download VisualVM from and follow the directions to install it.

Start the VisualVM executable (visualvm.exe)

From the File menu, select “Add JMX Connection”

Set “Connection” to “localhost:9090”

Set “Display name” to “localhost-eiPlatform:9090”

Check “Do not require SSL connection”

Click OK

Double-click to open the “localhost-eiPlatform:9090” connection

Select the Monitor tab to view CPU, heap, classes and threads


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