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Increasing the Available eiConsole Memory

Sometimes it is necessary to increase the memory allocated to the Java environment (JVM) the eiConsole runs in. The method varies by operating system, and so this tutorial will describe the process in Windows, Linux, and Mac environments.


The JVM memory for a Windows eiConsole can be changed in the ‘eiConsole.vmoptions’ file in the installation directory of the eiConsole. For a standard installation, the path is: ‘C:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiConsole\eiConsole.vmoptions’. Using a text editor, either edit or create a -Xmx property indicating how much RAM should be allocated. For example, ‘-Xmx2048M’ will allocate 2048 Megabytes (2GB) to the eiConsole. This value can also be set using G for gigabytes (‘-Xmx4G’ will give the eiConsole 4GB of RAM). A screenshot is shown below.


The JVM memory for an eiConsole running on Mac OSX is defined in the ‘info.plist’ file located in the application’s Contents directory. For a standard installation this is: ‘/Applications/PilotFish Technology’. The option to change is the ‘-Xmx’ setting, highlighted in the screenshot below.

Same as the Windows setting, this will tell the system how much RAM to allocate to the eiConsole, and can be used with either M or G for megabytes or gigabytes of RAM.

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