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Oracle’s Java Changes As They Apply To PilotFish Products

Disclaimer: The following indicates PilotFish’s understanding of the options available to end-users. Users must investigate their own options and licensing obligations as they may be different from what is covered here. PilotFish makes no warranty or guarantees to the accuracy of the information provided below.

Oracle has made changes to the way Java runtimes will be supported and how updates for the runtimes are to be provided. As PilotFish eiPlatform, eiConsole and eiDashboard products are developed in Java this document will cover options available to users of these products.

Important Things To Know:

PilotFish Java Runtime Versions:

Future Java Support Options for PilotFish 18R2 Windows Installers Bundled with Oracle JRE 8:

Future Java Support Options for PilotFish 18R2 WAR file running on OpenJDK 8:

Future Java Support Options for PilotFish 19R1 Windows Installers Bundled with OpenJDK 11:

Changes to have PilotFish Software use a Non-bundled JVM on Windows:

To verify the PilotFish software is using the right JVM you can point your browser on the local system to the monitoring REST API at http://localhost:8443/eip- rest/monitoring/Info/, and search the results for java.home entry. Note: This method depends on the REST API being enabled and configured in the eipServer.conf file per

Resources and References:

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