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This Listener will allow you to poll one database table for any information contained within that table.

1. Basic:  You must specify the Polling interval (how often to poll the table), Table name and a Key field (which will determine which records to pick up out of the table). If you choose “Use key” field, then enter the column name for which you would like to filter the results.

2. Advanced: This dialogue lets you specify whether or not you want the interface to be invoked only on a trigger, if you want to keep the JDBC connection alive between transactions and whether or not each row returned from the query should result in the processing of a separate transaction.


Also, you can set:

Allow command-line invocation: If enabled, the listener can be invoked using the CLI client application.

Restart on listening error: If enabled, the listener will be restarted after an error occurs.

FIFO Queue Name: The FIFO stuff enables a “First In, First Out” queuing mechanism between Listeners and Transports. If a “FIFO Queue Name” is provided, that name will be used as a key for a queue Transactions & will be pushed into before reaching a transport. They’ll be ordered in this queue according to when the Listener created them.

FIFO Queue Delay: It is the interval between updates/checks against that queue. Providing a queue name guarantees that a given Transport sends transactions in the same order the Listener created them in.

Keep connection: This specifies whether connections are to be dropped once operations are completed, or maintained – creating connections is extremely expensive, so this can be utilized on a heavy server to reduce resource consumption.

Separate transaction: This specifies whether each row should be treated as a distinct transaction, or whether all rows extracted should be processed together.

3. Transaction Logging – This tab allows us to enable transaction events logging. That data can be logged by a TransactionEventListener.

The Transaction Logging Enable checkbox allows transaction events originating from this listener to be logged by a TransactionEventListener.

Log Transaction Attribute – if enabled, logs transaction attributes.

Log Transaction Data – if enabled, logs transaction data body.

Log Transaction Data Base64 – if enabled, logs transaction data body as Base64.

4. Connection: This tab will allow you to specify the JDBC driver, URL, User name and Password used to connect to the database.

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