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Setup in the eiPlatform

This page covers setting up and accessing the eiDashboard in an existing eiPlatform installation.

Open the eipServer.conf configuration file

Open the eipServer.conf file in a text editor. If the eiPlatform was installed in the default directory, that file will be located at C:\Program Files\PilotFish Technology\eiPlatform Windows\server\eip\eipServer.conf

Set the username and password


In the eipServer.conf file, enter in a username and password for the eiDashboard administrator by setting the values for com.pilotfish.eip.dashboard.User and com.pilotfish.eip.dashboard.Password.

Note: In this screenshot, both the username and the password were set to eip. For a production installation, a more secure username and password should be used.

Restart the eiPlatform service


Restart the eiPlatform. On Windows this is accomplished by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Select the “eiPlatformWindows” service, and click the restart icon.

At this point, the eiDashboard is configured and ready to use.

Accessing the eiDashboard

tutorial_01_screenshot_01To access the eiDashboard, open up a browser and go to the Dashboard page: http://localhost:8443/dashboardui. If the eiPlatform is deployed in an application container such as Tomcat or JBoss, then the Dashboard page will be http://server:port/eip/dashboardui where “server” and “port” are replaced with the server name or IP address and the port number where the application container is running.

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