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PilotFish Integration with Snowflake via JDBC


PilotFish extends support for Snowflake by leveraging JDBC connectivity. For a comprehensive guide on obtaining and configuring the JDBC driver for Snowflake, please refer to the official documentation available on Snowflake’s website.

Setting Up the Snowflake JDBC Driver

  1. Driver Download: Ensure you’ve downloaded a Java 17 compatible version of the Snowflake JDBC driver.
  2. Installation: Once downloaded, place the driver .jar file into the lib directory of your PilotFish installation.

Driver Details:

Configuring Snowflake in PilotFish’s Database SQL Transport

Here’s an example to assist you in setting up your Snowflake connection within a Database SQL Transport in PilotFish:

How to Configure Snowflake Database Connection in PilotFish Platform

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