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Processor Panel

The Processor Panel applies to the central routing component of the Routing Panel and is divided into two areas, each graphically represented as a tab.

Add Processor Button
The Add Processor Button allows the user to add a new processor to the current listener or transport. Processors are added via a dialog that is similar to the Listener Configuration Panel. Available processor types are defined in the Available Processor Types.

Remove Processor
The Remove Processor Button removes the selected processor from the current listener or transport.

Move Up Button
The Move Up Button allows the user to move the selected processor up in its position in the Processor Table.

Move Down Button
The Move Down Button allows the user to move the selected processor down in its position in the Processor Table.

Processor Table
The Processor Table lists all processors associated with the current listener or processor in rows. Two columns, Name and Type, are used to provide information about each processor. The information designated by the respective columns is fairly self-explanatory.

Processor Configuration Panel
The Processor Configuration Panel provides information or potential configuration operations for the selected processor. Information about available processors and types is defined in the Available Processor Types.

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