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Insert/Update HL7 Message to Database

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This RouteHL7 ADT to Database’ receives an HL7 message file from a Directory/File Listener (or it can be from any of these protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, API), and updates the Patient database tables.  The Target transformation mapper uses SQLXML to select and search the patient MRN/Account from the database tables.  If it matches, the patient information is updated from the HL7 message to the patient database tables.  If there is no match, the patient information is inserted from the HL7 message into the patient database tables to create the patient. 


HL7 ADT Message to Database Route: 

HL7 ADT message written to patient database


The H2 database was used for this route, and the SQLXML Format was created and configured to insert/update the patient information into these tables PATIENT, PATIENT_VISIT, DIAGNOSIS, and INSURANCE. Use the document ‘Preparing the Database to help create and configure the database tables and the H2 database connection.  

SQLXML: MRN/Account Number Match for PATIENT Table 

HL7 ADT message insert of MRN/Account Number to database


SQLXML: Account Number Match for PATIENT_VISIT Table 

HL7 ADT record insert to Patient Visit Table in Database


SQLXML: Account Number Match for INSURANCE Table 

HL7 ADT account key matching to Insurance table in database example


SQLXML: Account Number Match for DIAGNOSIS Table 

SQL HL7 ADT message matching account number in diagnosis table example


To test this route, we will be using a Directory/File Listener and poll for a file called ‘HL7MessageFile.txt’ from the ‘C:\PilotFish eiConsole Working Directories\data\In’.  In addition, we will need to make sure that the database tables are configured and connected to do the SQLXML select in order for it to work. 


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