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The Add Datatype to Source/Target Format Dialog is used for creating the new Datatype in the Source or Target.

dialog-add-datatype-to-target-format-01-13-16-r2Name Field
The Name Field is the place for the name of the new element.

Namespace Area
In the Namespace Area, the user can specify if it’s needed the using of the namespace for the new element. The user can choose existing or create the new one.

Kind Area
The Kind Area allows the user to define the kind of the new datatype: Simple, Complex or Enumeration.

Base Datatype Area
The Base datatype area allows the user to define if the new datatype is based on some existing element. If yes, on what element exactly.

Parent Datatype Field
The Parent datatype Field is used to define the parent datatype element.

Add Button
The Add Button allows the user to submit the changes.

Cancel button
The Cancel Button closes the dialog without making any modifications to the source or target format tree.

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