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Data Mapper Window

The Data Mapper Window defines the interface for the Data Mapper application, which acts as the core of the eiConsole interface design paradigm.

Essentially, the application window is broken down into three main components: a source panel (on the left side), a target panel (on the right side), and the mapping panel (in the center). Information is displayed in subpanels on the bottom of the screen, and functions may be accessed via the toolbar and file menu toolbar at the top of the screen. Many functions cannot be accomplished without these toolbars, so familiarizing oneself with their layout and various functions is imperative to the design of an efficient and successful interface.

File Toolbar
The Title Bar allows the user access to various functions, grouped under menu headings by their category. Menu items may have submenus, which will be raised accordingly when the user browses to them. Each item in the menu acts on a function, and selecting it will bring up the appropriate dialog to perform the action or perform it outright.

The Data Mapper Toolbar provides immediate access to those functions and items that are found to be used most often and are grouped together via dividers.

Target Panel
The Target Panel provides access to information regarding the target structure, organized into a toolbar, a node panel, and an information panel. The panel is defined in the Data Mapper Node Panel.

Source Panel
The Source Panel provides access to information regarding the source target structure, organized into a toolbar, a node panel, and an information panel. The panel is defined in the Data Mapper Node Panel.

Center Panel
The Data Mapper Center Panel is organized into three tabs of functionality, which may be accessed at the bottom of the panel.

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