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Transport Panel

Transport Panel

The Transport Panel has much in common with the Listeners Panel. Panels define the transport or listener type to be used, as well as allowing the user to specify a name for the particular component in question. Types may include directory listeners, directory writers, and so on. The complete list of the transport types is defined in Available Transport Types.

There are 2 configuration tabs: Transport Configuration and Retry Configuration.

Transport Name field
The Transport Name field allows the user to enter a desired name for the transport in question. This has no functional effect on the route, but does allow the user to organize information more efficiently.

Transport Type selection
The Transport Type selection allows the user to select a transport type. Available transport types are defined in the Available Transport Types.

Use Common Transport
The Use Common Transport selection allows the user to select a common transport type.

Transport Description Field
The Transport Description Field can’t be edited by the user, but provides a basic text description of the selected transport type. Available types are defined in the Available Transport Types.

Retry Count (1 – no retries) field
The Retry Count field allows the user to enter the number of times that transport will try to send data, if sending fails.

Retry Delay Milliseconds
This field allows the user to set retry delay in milliseconds.

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