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Main Window

The Main Window is the central component of the PilotFish eiConsole. All modifications and plans may be put into effect from this window or one of its many sub-components. It is structurally organized into about four components, each with its own operative purpose. The first of these is the Title Bar (located at the top of the window), which gives the user access to various actions, dialogs, and functions via an organized hierarchy of text. The second is the Toolbar, which directly complements the Routing Panel (the third and arguably most important component). Finally, the bottom of the window is occupied by the Information Panel, which varies wildly depending on the item selected in the Routing Panel.

Title Bar
The Title Bar provides cohesive access to the user of basic and necessary functions via a textual hierarchy.

The Toolbar contains four basic components for the basic yet crucial manipulation of the Routing Panel.

Routing Panel
The Routing Panel contains the routes of the current interface and allows the user to intuitively and easily interact with them.

Information Panel
The Information Panel varies quite a bit depending on the selected component of the route. Information or configuration data will appear in the place of the information panel.

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