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You can also utilize Stored Procedures in SQLXML; the basic structure is as below:

<sql:CallProc into="someVariableName">
        <SQL>call storedProcedureName(?,?,?)</SQL>
        <Param mode="IN" name="parameter1Name" type="12">someValue</Param>
        <Param mode="IN" name="parameter2Name" type="12">someValue</Param>
        <Param mode="OUT" name="parameter3Name" type="12" />

Into specifies what variable to store the results, if any, of the called procedure into.

The contents of the SQL parameter are expected to be strongly structured; it’s recommended that you do not modify any more than the procedure name and the number of parameters the procedure takes, indicated by the number of question mark-commas in parenthesis.

The parameters are passed in with the “Param” field; “mode” specifies whether they’re input or output parameters (IN, OUT, and INOUT are the valid values.) “name” specifies the name of the parameter to be filled. “type” specifies the numeric input/output parameter type.

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