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eiDashboard v.19R1

Modes of Operation

The eiDashboard has three modes of operation, each with varying levels of functionality and information detail. This page highlights each mode and describes some of the additional features available. Links for installing and configuring each mode are also provided in each section.

Basic Statistics Mode

Basic Statistics Mode is the default mode of transaction logging enabled on eiPlatform installation. It is primarily geared towards users who would like to monitor general eiPlatform health and configuration without the need to view individual Transactions or when eiPlatform performance is most important. The list below highlights some of the functionalities available in this mode:

Installation instructions for the core eiDashboard (which includes Basic Statistics Mode) are available here.

Transaction Logging Mode

Transaction Logging Mode contains all the functionality of Basic Statistics Mode, but greatly improves the granularity of the transaction information available in the eiDashboard. Stage and event information is collected and cataloged as each transaction is processed, thus giving users the ability to view how individual transactions flow through the eiPlatform. Transaction Logging Mode is intended for those who have a need to track or troubleshoot individual transactions and events. Some of the added features in this mode include:

Instructions for installing and configuring the Transaction Logging Mode can be found here.

Enterprise Mode

Enterprise Mode, or EIP Instance Mode, allows for a given eiDashboard to oversee multiple eiPlatform instances with ease. It is intended for infrastructures with multiple eiPlatforms running and the ability to manage them quickly and effectively. Some of the added functionalities in this mode include:

Instructions for installing and configuration Enterprise Mode are available here.

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