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Main Window

The Main Window is the central and starting component of the File Specification Editor. All aspects of the editor can be reached from this window, which is graphically representative of the tool’s capabilities. The window is functionally divided into three main components, consisting of a titlebar menu, a toolbar, and a pane made up of three tabs. The File Specification Editor is a relatively simple but sophisticated tool, with success of use determined by a mastering of a minimal amount of user interfaces.

Title Bar
The Title Bar is a common graphical metaphor allowing for the structured manipulation of the File Specification Editor’s data through a named hierarchy.

The Toolbar contains basic and common editing elements in a cohesive line of access, with each action represented in the form of a button.

Record Structure Tab
The Structure Tab contains information and panels relating to the structure of the current file specification.

Module Configuration Tab
The Module Configuration Tab contains information about the modules currently defined and associated with the current file specification.

XML Preview Tab
The XML Preview Tab allows the user to perform experimental transformations and view sample / result data.

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