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Edit Spec XML Tab

Edit Spec XML Tab

The Edit Spec XML Tab allows the user to preview sample or resulting XML data.

Undo Button
The Undo Button allows the user to undo changes to the text panel.

Redo Button
The Redo Button allows the user to redo changes to the text panel.

Search Button
The Search Button allows the user to search through the text panel for a particular search string and/or make appropriate replacements.

Go to Line Button
The Go to Line Button allows the user to move the text panel’s focus to a specified line number.

Print Button
The Print Button allows the user to print the contents of the text panel for non-electronic perusal and review.

Always Edit Mode Checkbox
The Always Edit Mode Checkbox enables or disables the “always edit mode” option, which designates if the text panel is always set to allow editing. By default, this checkbox is enabled. If disabled, further buttons will appear in order to facilitate applying changes and entering edit mode.

Text Panel
The Text Panel contains the textual information for the current file specification’s XML preview.

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