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Using the eiConsole Data Mapper for HL7 v3 CDA

eiConsole v.24R1

This document briefly describes how to load the HL7 v3 CDA template for mapping.

Loading the Format Reader

To open the Format Reader for the source (left) or Target (right) Format, click the corresponding button, shown highlighted in red.

Selecting the HL7 v3 Format Reader

In the “Format Reader” drop-down, select “HL7 v3”.

Selecting the “3_CDA” Template

In the drop-down for “HL7 V3 Version,” select “3_CDA” to load the CDA template, then click “Read Format”.

The Loaded Format

You should now have the Format loaded for your source (shown in the image here) or target. You can now begin mapping just as you would with any other format.

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