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For most non-trivial cases, you’re going to want to utilize logical constructs; the second we’ll cover is the “If” functionality. If allows you to make operation of a given set of commands contingent on a boolean-evaluating expression; it utilizes OGNL expressions, although you don’t need to be highly familiar with them to make use of them here. The primary and perhaps only operation that will be utilized will be “getFieldValue,” as below.

<sql:Iterate over="variableName" as="itemName">
        <sql:If test="#itemName.getFieldValue('COLUMNNAME') &lt; 1">

The If structure has only a test attribute, which specifies a boolean expression to be evaluated. It will almost always take the form given above, which, for each itemName we hit in the Iterate, COLUMNNAME is checked to ensure that it is less than one. If this is the case, the contents of the If statement will be executed as SQLXML statements; if it isn’t, they will be skipped.

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