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eiConsole for MISMO – Documentation

Welcome to the eiConsole for MISMO. The MISMO XML standard provides a set of common messaging constructs to support core data exchange processes in the mortgage and lending space. These include residential and commercial standards for processes from loan origination, to appraisal, closing, and servicing. For years, MISMO has streamlined workflow, reduced costs, and improved the transparency of processes across the industry. However, the implementation of standards across heterogeneous systems and entities does not come without challenges and costs.

The eiConsole for MISMO has been specifically developed to ease these challenges and meet the needs of the MISMO development community. The eiConsole for MISMO comes with a set of templates for each of the different MISMO message types. Developers and business analysts can use the features in the eiConsole for MISMO to implement the MISMO standard faster, and more cost-effectively than possible with any other tool.

For a quick overview, watch the Quick Tour Demo. Before beginning the eiConsole for MISMO Getting Started Tutorial new users should complete the General Quick Start Tutorial and the General Level I Tutorials (Modules 1-13). During the Quick Start tutorial, you learn the basic principles and terminology used in the eiConsole, you’ll build on those with the Level I Tutorials. It is important to have this general foundation before proceeding to the industry-specific lesson.

eiConsole for MISMO – Resources

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