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eiConsole for Healthcare – Inline HL7 Documentation (Demo)

This is a demonstration of the eiConsole for Healthcare – Inline HL7 Documentation. Transforming and mapping HL7 data can be challenging due to the scope and complexity of the HL7 data dictionary. The eiConsole for Healthcare simplifies this process in the Data Mapper component. The Data Mapper provides in-line access to the HL7 vocabulary through the HL7 2.X and version 3 Format Builder components. Simply select the appropriate format builder from the drop-down.

You’re presented with a configuration panel that allows you to select the desired HL7 version. Supported versions in the 2.X format builder range from 2.2-2.7. Select your version and click Read Format.


Once complete, the entire HL7 Vocabulary will appear in a hierarchical tree on the left hand or right-hand side of the screen.

The user can navigate through each message, component, sub-component and field within the vocabulary.

Clicking on a field will reveal an HL7 tab with references to the official HL7 specification chapters where that field is referenced.

For those fields associated with a set of standard codes, a codes tab will also appear with a list of the code value and human-readable description of that field.

Once loaded, the HL7 vocabulary can be used in concert with the rest of the data mapper’s best of breed data mapping capabilities to accomplish any data mapping through simple drag & drop.

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