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If you have not installed a recent copy of the eiConsole please, click eiConsole Update to download and install the latest slipstream release. Then, visit eiConsole Industry-Specific Bundles to download the latest Bundle which includes the sample files that you’ll need to do the industry-specific tutorials. If you need help installing a bundle, click on the following link for information on Importing an Industry-Specific Bundle. After that, you’ll be ready to start.

After you’ve completed the Quick Start Tutorial, a good next step is the Getting Started Tutorial. It is presented in 12 modules.

Complex interface (the total time to complete that interface is about 45-60 minutes).

After that, you can click on industry links in the top menu for tutorials and reference materials on leveraging the features and components built into each bundle for specific industry-standard support.

Quick Start Tutorial Online
Quick Start Tutorial Online

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