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Route Panel Debug Trace Tab

Route Panel Debug Trace Tab

Debug Trace Settings
Checking the Enable debugging tracing checkbox switches on the debug trace function.  Enabling this function will create a slight reduction in performance, but the function allows for the isolation and detection of errors and thus assists with the quick resolution of any route-related issues.  The Debug Trace Folder field defines the folder into which log files generated by the debug trace function are written.

File Retention Policies
Checking the Route-Specific Retention box enables the restriction of log retention for this route.  The user can choose to restrict log retention based on the number or age of log files.  For example, the user could decide to remove log files after they are 3 days old.

Stage Specific Tracing
Checking the Use Stage Specific Tracing checkbox allows for tracing (logging) specific Stages in a given route.  Rather than logging every stage of a route, a specific stage or collection of stages can be logged.  Stages to be logged are listed in the Stage Name field.

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