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Route Panel General Tab

Route Panel General Tab

The Route Panel General Tab specifies generic route options for the current interface. This is effectively performed via three subpanels – Route Settings, which specifies general information and options,  Route Metadata, which just allows the user to append non-functional information to the route, and Pool Configuration, which allows the user to specify a pool for the route.

Route Name Field
The Route Name Field allows the user to specify a desired name for the route as a whole. This has no functional effect on the route as a whole, but is useful for user display and organization.

Route Description Field
The Route Description Field contains a user-created description of the route.  By clicking the Edit button, users are able to add a route description using a powerful text editor.  Users will generally detail the purpose and characteristics of the route in this description.  Any visual formatting of the description is preserved when viewing the description on the PilotFish Integration Exchange and the eiDashboard’s Configuration Page.

Metadata Table
The Metadata Table simply stores metadata tags associated with this route in a fairly straightforward manner. Each metadata entry is represented as a row, with the columns designating its name and its value, respectively. Values may be edited by double clicking on the appropriate field.

Add Button
The Add Button allows the user to create a new metadata entry in the table.

Remove Button
The Remove Button allows the user to remove the selected metadata entry from the table.

Use Route Specific Pooling
The route will use its own specific thread pool when this box is checked.  Otherwise, it will use threads from a pool shared with other Routes.

Configure Route Specific Pooling
When using Route Specific Pooling, the user can edit the configuration of the route specific thread pool here.

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