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eiConsole v.24R1
Tutorial 15 mins

eiConsole Foundation Tutorial

Adding Target Icon and Name

You will need to navigate to the Working Directory c:\Users\{USER _NAME}\PilotFish eiConsole Working Directories\Foundation where {USER_NAME} is the user’s name which was included in the sample files you downloaded in the first Foundation Tutorial – Creating a Working Directory.

Note: The Tutorials in eiConsole Foundation, 1-13, are modular and designed to be used in the sequence presented.

Add Target System Icon & Description to Route

To add a Target System name, select the Target System stage.

For the Target, you can enter the name in the System Name field. Type in “XML Capable Target”, then click enter. Note that the Target System is now defined as XML Capable Target.

Choose Target Icon for the Route Target System Data

Now, click on the Choose Target Icon button.

Choose Target Icon for the Route Target System Data

The Choose Target Icon dialog will appear.

Choose Target Icon Category for the Route Target System Data

In the Categories field, click on the File Types and select the XML icon in the main field. Choose the desired color of the icon. Click Select.

Target System Icon Displayed in Final Stage of Interface or Route

The new icon will appear in the main grid of the eiConsole.

Interface Route Saved to a File in eiConsole

Now that the Source System and Target System have been defined go to the File menu and click Save Current Route.

Continue on to the next tutorial, Testing Using the Inline Test Mode.

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