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eiConsole for OpenTravel – Documentation

The eiConsole for OpenTravel Getting Started Tutorial introduces the user to travel-specific features and components that make configuring travel & hospitality interfaces dramatically easier and faster. It is suggested that new users complete the eiConsole Quick Start Tutorial and General Getting Started Tutorial to learn eiConsole basics, before beginning this tutorial.

The eiConsole is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developers and technical BAs alike, that offers an intuitive paint-by-numbers approach. In addition to the core product features of the eiConsole, the eiConsole for OpenTravel has been engineered expressly for developing OpenTravel-compliant XML messaging solutions. It offers a unique blend of OpenTravel XML specific features, a flexible component driven architecture and unparalleled ease of use. It allows implementers of travel XML standards to choose from a pre-developed library of interface templates. These templates provide schemas (XSDs) and example OpenTravel XML messages for every defined request and response type.

If you installed the eiConsole prior to 5/1/13, click eiConsole Update to download and install the latest slipstream release. Then, download the eiConsole for OpenTravel Bundle for the sample files you’ll need to do the tutorials. Click here for information on Importing an .eipb Bundle. After that, you’ll be ready to start the tutorial. This tutorial will take the average new user about 45-60 minutes to complete.

eiConsole for OpenTravel Reference Materials

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