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9. Target Transformation Introduction (Tutorial)

eiConsole v.23R1
Tutorial 30 mins

eiConsole Foundation

Target Transformation Introduction

You will need to download sample files to do this tutorial. If you have not done so yet, please click this LINK.

Note: the Tutorials in eiConsole Foundation, 1-13, are modular and are designed to be used in the sequence presented.

Interface Target Transform XML Pilotfish

When you click the Target Transform stage, you will see that no format has been added. Even though a transformation is not needed here, you need to indicate which format to use. For this interface, you will use the Relay format. Click the Add Format button.

Interface Target Transform XML Pilotfish
When the Add New Format dialogue panel opens, enter “Relay” and click OK.

Interface Target Transform XML Pilotfish
This opens the configuration panel in the bottom half of the window. The Relay transform sends the transaction data to the next stage unchanged. Even though a transformation is not needed here, you will need to indicate which format to use. For this interface, you will use the Relay format – which now appears on the Format Profile field.

Also for this interface, keep the default From XML configuration, keep Use Direct Relay checked. The Transformation Module should be set to the default – No Transformation.

Interface Target Transform XML Pilotfish

Just like what you have observed at the Source Transform stage – at the Target Transform stage, you can add the Metadata for the Target interface. In order to do that, use the Format Info tab.

Next, proceed to the Transport stage.

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