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eiConsole v.24R1
Tutorial 30 mins

eiConsole Foundation Tutorial

Routing and Transaction Monitoring

You will need to navigate to the Working Directory c:\Users\{USER _NAME}\PilotFish eiConsole Working Directories\Foundation where {USER_NAME} is the user’s name which was included in the sample files you downloaded in the first Foundation Tutorial – Creating a Working Directory.

Note: The Tutorials in eiConsole Foundation, 1-13, are modular and are designed to be used in the sequence presented.

Route & Transaction Monitoring Tutorial in the eiConsole

In the Routing stage, you will have the opportunity to implement Routing Rules that will help you determine which one of potentially many target systems to send the data to.

When you click on the Route stage, the default tab in the dialogue window is General. Leave the panel’s settings as they are configured.

Route Transaction Monitoring eiСonsole

Click on the Debug Trace tab. Leave the Enable debugging tracing unchecked.

Route Transaction Monitoring eiСonsole

Click on the Routing Rules tab. Because there is only one Target in this interface, the All Targets Routing Module should be selected (this is the default).

Select transaction monitoring tab for the route or interface.

Select the Transaction Monitoring Tab.

In the Route stage, you can also configure Transaction Monitoring. Transaction Monitoring allows you to configure the system’s behavior when something goes wrong. Proactive notifications can be sent through email, SNMP trap, or several other mechanisms. You can add transaction monitors by clicking the Add Transaction Monitor button in the panel. Click the Add Transaction Monitor to view the dialogue. Here you would enter the name of the monitor and select the monitor type. Leave the Transaction Monitor blank. Click cancel and proceed to the next lesson – An Introduction to Target Transformation.

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