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EIP Emulator Management Dialog

EIP Emulator Management Dialog

The EIP Emulator Management Dialog allows the user to start an eiPlatform emulator. This functions as a mini-eiPlatform that can be used to run transactions without having to deploy the interface to an eiPlatform.

Emulator Status Field
The Emulator Status Field lists the current status of the emulator.

Start Emulator Button
The Start Emulator Button allows the user to start the eiPlatform emulator.

Close Button
The Close Button closes the dialog and stops the EIP emulator if it’s running.

Output Console
Output Console allows user to see output messages of the application, including information messages (gray), debug messages (green), warning messages (blue) and error messages (red).

Garbage Collector Button
Garbage Collector Button allows the user to force the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) to perform its garbage collection process.

Max Lines Count
This field allows a user to specify the maximum number of lines saved in the logging area.

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