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Debug Mode – Edit Debug Tab

Edit Debug Tab


All settings can be accessed from the first tab, which is divided into two parts. On the left is Objects within selected stage – displaying Stages for each point of eiConsole’s “Assembly Line.” Stage Name, Stage Type, debug marks and debug result marks are shown here.

A description of Debug marks:

media_play– indicates that this stage will theoretically be used in debug (but it will not necessarily be used)

media_play_green– indicates the first stage of the debug process

test-trace– indicates a stage with a breakpoint

media_stop_red– indicates the final stage of the debug process

media_fast_forward– indicates a stage that will be skipped and not debugged

Debug result marks:

test-not-tested– Stage has not been debugged yet

check– Stage has been successfully debugged

error– Error occurred at this stage

Debug Configuration offers the following debug settings:

debug_configuration_panelThe current stage can be configured within this panel, with toggles for various options. If the selected stage is a start stage for debugging – and it is not a Listener – then an initial file can be chosen or changed.

If Breakpoint After Here is selected, then the transaction will be paused after the current stage to show or change operating data.

If OGNL Breakpoint is selected, then the console will display the following prompt (all fields are required):

ognl_editing_dialogAfter submitting, the new tab “OGNL” will be created. The OGNL expression will be displayed and can be edited.


An OGNL breakpoint means that the transaction will be paused after that stage if the OGNL expression returns “true”.

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